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Shoe care valets

Is shoe care new to you and do you want to start with a solid set of basic products? In this case, choose one of our entry-level shoe care valets containing only what you really need. Are you ready for the next step? Or do you have multiple colored shoes? Then opt for one of our shoe care valets for advanced users. Do you simply want to have everything for your shoes no matter the cost? Take a look at our luxury segment shoe care valets containing a wide range of products.

For more information about the different shoe care valets, read our shoe care valet guide.

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Shoe care sets

At The Shoe Care Shop, we have something for everyone when it comes to shoe care sets. Whether you're a fan of smooth leather, suede, or cool sneakers, we have the perfect set for you. For lovers of luxury shoes made of smooth leather, we have sets with premium Saphir Médaille d'Or shoe polish and horsehair brushes for extra shine. Suede enthusiasts can enjoy our sets with special cleaning solutions and suede brushes to maintain that soft texture. And for sneakerheads, we have sneaker maintenance sets with cleaners, whitening solutions, and brushes to keep those kicks fresh and vibrant. Choose your set and give your shoes the attention they deserve!

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