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Shoe stretcher

by Dasco

Dasco Two-Way Wood Stretcher

A beautifully grained hardwood shoe stretcher to remove painful and pinching spots in your shoes.

The single shoe stretcher can be used to expand both the width and the length of a shoe and is suitable for both left and right feet. Please note that this shoe stretcher is less/not suitable for narrow shoe models such as pumps and high heels.

Available in the following sizes.
Mens: small (UK 6-7.5, EU 39-41.5), medium (UK 8-9.5, EU 42-44), large (UK 10-12, EU 44.5-47) and extra large (UK 12.5-14, EU 47.5-49)
Ladies: small (UK 2-3.5, EU 34.5-36), medium (UK 4-5.5, EU 37-38.5) and large (UK 6-8, EU 39-42).

Note: Please make sure to read our How to use guide before using this product. Do not put too much pressure on your shoes. This could cause your shoes to tear and/or the shoe stretcher to break. Be sure to slowly turn up the pressure to see if the shoe stretcher is having the effect you are looking for. If not slowly put a little more tension on your shoes until satisfied.

How to use

Our shoe stretchers ensure that your tight shoes can be worn comfortably again. In this guide we would like to explain how you can best use the extender. What do you need?

• Shoe stretcher
• Saphir Shoe-Eze

1. Spray places where the shoes pinch with Saphir Shoe-Eze. This makes the leather soft, making it easier to stretch

2. Place the shoe stretcher with the desired attachments in the shoe. You can easily press this into the holes of the shoe stretcher.

3. Tighten the expander in the shoe by turning the round knob. * Pay attention! The round plastic button is only intended to clamp the expander in the shoe. It is not the intention to stretch the shoe with this part! Turn the hook/flat knob at the back to actually stretch the shoe.

4. Turn the hook/flat dial to extend the shoe stretcher widthwise. For example, the stretcher exerts force on the width and length of the shoe. Make sure you gradually turn up the tension. The rule applies here: fixed is fixed.

5. Let the shoes stretch at room temperature for 12-24 hours. How long it takes for the shoes to stretch to your liking depends on the type of leather and model of shoes. It is therefore advisable to check it regularly.

Attention! Do not tighten the stretcher too quickly. The first time you stretch your shoes, try to start with a small amount of tension. If that turns out not to be enough, you can then turn up the tension. Too much tension can cause the stretcher and/or the shoes to break.

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