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The best shoe trees

The best shoe trees

You're looking for a pair of shoe trees, but you're wondering: What are the best shoe trees? It depends on what you're looking for. Below, we provide some recommendations based on budget and functionality.

Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar shoe trees offer a great price/quality ratio. You get a lot of value for your money, and we believe they are the best choice for your shoes. Unfinished cedarwood has some advantages that other wood types do not. Unfinished cedarwood shoe trees protect the leather and the inside of the shoe by absorbing moisture, minerals, and acids. This keeps your shoes fresh and prevents them from drying out too quickly. Cedar shoe trees generally have a generic fit, making them suitable for most shoe models. In our opinion, the cedar shoe trees from Sir Beecs are the best. Not only are they made with the finest American untreated cedarwood, but they are also well-finished (no sharp edges).

Shoe trees are essential for proper shoe maintenance. Read here why and what else to look for.

Travel Shoe Trees (Spring Shoe Trees)

Travel shoe trees, also known as spring shoe trees, are practically everywhere. From plastic models at Blokker, Action, or Ikea, to the more luxurious wooden travel shoe trees that we offer on our website. These shoe trees are somewhat more universally applicable due to their fit, making them easier to fit into different pairs of shoes. Due to their simple design, they are often more affordable. Because of their light weight, we also like to call them travel shoe trees.

Special Models of Shoe Trees

The previously mentioned shoe trees fit almost all types of shoes, but there are also shoe trees specifically for boots, half-high shoes and boots, and shoes with a specific toe or fit. These models are often slightly more expensive but usually provide the perfect solution for a very specific pair of shoes. In other words, they fit perfectly in that specific pair of shoes.

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