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How to stretch your shoes and make them fit well

How to stretch your shoes and make them fit well

Are your shoes just a bit too small or pinching at specific points? Then a shoe stretcher is what you need. People often go to a cobbler to have their shoes stretched, or they stuff wet newspapers in their shoes. We especially want to avoid the latter because wet newspapers can cause unpleasant stains on your shoes. Use a quality stretcher to stretch your shoes. This will make your shoes more comfortable and allow you to address tight spots on other shoes yourself.

Shoe stretcher

Stretching Tight Shoes

You can also gradually stretch your shoes by simply wearing them. This way, they slowly conform to the shape of your foot. To speed up this process and make it more comfortable, you can use a stretching spray like Tarrago expander spray. A stretching spray softens the leather and prevents it from returning to its original shape after you take off the shoes. A stretching spray can also be used in combination with a shoe stretcher.

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